The Ultimate Cloud-Based Document Management Solution

CTI-Live and CTI Health-Live, powered by ProviderFlow, are our secure, cloud-based document repositories for archiving documents of any type, whether digital or scanned.  CTI-Live and CTI Health-Live include features such as document scanning, powerful search functions, real-time chart management, history, notes, and much more.  CTI-Live and CTI Health-Live allow organizations and healthcare practices to effectively manage their documentation in one central repository.

The CTI Live Solutions combine cutting-edge imaging technology with powerful workflow to deliver the most powerful, scalable solutions of their kind:

Advantages of the CTI-Live Solutions, powered by ProviderFlow:

  • Direct Access to Information: save time and have on-demand access to your documentation anywhere
  • Store Data & Documents: cut storage costs, convert paper to digital, and standardize to one simple solution
  • Process Optimization & Automation: define your ideal workflow and improve productivity
  • Become an Eco-Friendly Organization: save money while having a positive impact on the environment
  • Secure Share: securely share documents without the need to email or fax!
  • Shared Resources: enjoy the benefits of decentralized scanning and processing
  • Minimal Learning Curve: be up and running in less than 2 hours!
  • Single Dashboard: hello simplicity! Manage everything from a single dashboard
  • Forms Processing: process multiple documents using barcodes and Intelligent Learning

Advanced Search, Indexing, Capture, and Importing Options

Search in a variety of formats; index easily and with Administrator-defined properties; capture in batches, multiple colors, with batch importing, or from your mobile device; and import everything from emails and faxes to electronic files, EHR files, and FTP/SFTP.

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