Save time and money by allowing CTI to maintain your data entry needs. Our professional staff is trained on a wide range of topics concerning document scanning. Capturing accurate index information is incredibly time-consuming and yet one of the most critical elements in document imaging and management.

CTI can handle your data entry needs with our wide array of indexing methods, which provide the most efficient and cost-effective way to get image-related indexing information into your system.

A full spectrum of data entry services can be customized to fit the unique needs of your business. CTI’s trained staff and dedicated data entry equipment are poised to tackle long-term projects or one-time assignments.


  • Manual data entry: either at our facility or offshore
  • Barcode scanning: for quick and easy indexing
  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR): the ability to capture key indexing information or full-text search capabilities of your images
  • Document Identification Services (DOC ID): we identify documents and index them to the appropriate pre-designated folders within an electronic file
  • Each project is treated with care, using our time-tested production methodologies, providing you with the highest quality and prompt results. Strict controls are in place to ensure complete confidentiality. Accuracy is also a priority for CTI, so we use a key/key/verify process to immediately flag data for correction of any discrepancies.


  • We key every piece of data twice
  • The data is compared, and if it doesn’t match it is keyed a third time
  • Unmatched accuracy of 99.95% guarantees your data is more reliable than single-keyed data


  • Data entry services don’t have to be costly. CTI offers solutions for nearly every budget. Take advantage of our competitive rates by opting for our offshore data entry and document identification. We can scale for any size project!