While it is not required to have CTI scan your paper invoices to use ICE, most of our customers do decide to have their paper invoices sent to a PO Box that CTI manages on your behalf. For paper invoices customers have two options:

  • scan yourself or through another provider and submit just the invoice images to CTI
  • outsource your paper invoices to CTI to manage receipt and scanning

When using CTI for handling your paper invoices, one or more PO Boxes will be set up dedicated to your company. Vendors will mail the invoices directly to the PO box. CTI uses the main post office in Philadelphia PA. The post office location in Philadelphia happens to be one of the US postal services 21 national distribution centers which means it has the most automated mail receiving and sorting equipment which greatly speeds up the time it takes to receive the mail by CTI from your vendors.

Additionally the PO Box type we open for customers is called a Caller Service PO Box which is a premium service designed for large volume like with invoices.

Using one of the US Postal Services national distribution centers in conjunction with the Caller Service PO box allows CTI to provide the highest possible processing speed and accuracy the USPS provides to receive the paper mail from your suppliers which ultimately speeds up the time the invoice takes to arrive in your AP system for processing.