About Conversion Technologies International, Inc.

Established in 1993, Conversion Technologies International, Inc (CTI). is a full-service document and image conversion center, specializing in Accounts Payable invoice processing including data extraction, eInvoicing, scanning, and email receiving.

CTI developed a proprietary image capture solution known as ICE that makes processing invoices faster, easier, and less expensive than is currently possible with legacy optical character recognition (OCR) solutions, while also improving data accuracy and capture turnaround time.

CTI has provided invoice capture solutions for companies of all sizes, from Fortune 500 to small and medium size businesses, in nearly every industry imaginable.

CTI Invoice Processing

If you’re looking for a complete solution for paper and emailed invoices to turn your invoices into a digital format, you’ve come to the right place! CTI’s ICE Solution can directly receive paper and emailed invoices from your suppliers and extract header, footer and line item invoice detail at 99.95% accuracy to integrate invoice data and images to any AP or ERP system. Simply put, CTI turns paper and emailed invoices into e-Invoices when suppliers cannot send e-Invoices directly.

CTI allows companies invoices to be 100% electronic from day 1 providing for a paper free AP through a combination of the ICE solution and eInvoicing.

Why Conversion Technologies International

  Accuracy – CTI’s data capture process yields a minimum 99.95% accuracy on invoice capture.
  Turnaround Time – CTI turns around complete processing of invoices with no exceptions within 24 hours and offers a guaranteed turnaround service level of 48 hours.
  Post Office Location – for Paper invoices, CTI uses one of the US Post Offices that are considered a Network Distribution Center of which there are only 21 of these type post offices in the US.
  One Stop Shop – CTI provides for 100% of your invoice receiving and capture including paper by mail, invoices by email and e-Invoices meaning there one source to go to for your entire invoice receiving and data capture needs.
  Integration – ICE integrates directly with any ERP, financial or AP system.

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