Eliminate the paper-intensive structure of the employee onboarding process: simplify and streamline HR workflows to increase efficiency and reduce paperwork.


Introducing Hire to Retire, powered by our partner Square 9. With Hire to Retire, CTI can help you eliminate the paper-intensive structure of the employee on-boarding process. As a potential employee moves through the hiring cycle, Hire to Retire allows pertinent information to be captured from a web-based employee demographic form. Whenever an application is submitted, Hire to Retire creates a PDF version of that form, including digital signatures applied through a mouse or tablet device. Data elements are then repopulated into other required onboarding forms, avoiding repetitive data entry and saving everyone time. A flexible workflow is then created, providing notification of post-hire activities including periodic reviews, benefits activation, and credentialing. Hire to Retire is designed to significantly improve HR processing.

Hire to Retire eliminates paper intensive Human Resources productivities through the combined power of eForms and workflow. Hire to Retire is a single web forms solution designed to streamline HR processes including employee onboarding, employee requests and the management of personal documentation.

As an employee demographic web form is captured, Hire to Retire drives the prepopulating of data into other hiring documents including I-9 and W-4 forms. By eliminating data entry repetition, the HR department can advance efforts in document creation, storage and retrieval, and retention policies.

Hire to Retire delivers a tech-forward web forms experience with full workflow capabilities of Human Resources processes. Built with speed and flexibility in security, the HR solution offers advanced functionality, where web form routing can be streamlined internally and externally with features such as Quick Approve, Fast Finish, and advanced approvals and escalations.


  • Browser Based Form Designer
  • Drag and Drop
  • Design Themes
  • Business Rules and Logic
  • Database Connectivity
  • Workflows and Signatures
  • Populate a PDF
  • Recycle Data
  • Release to SmartSearch

With enriched interface navigation, the design elements of Hire to Retire present a tech-forward, monochromatic look and feel, along with new features like Form Viewer, which allows users to preview the resulting PDF before a form is submitted.