In the pharmaceutical industry, information management can be a real pill. Dealing with heavy industry regulations and stringent IT requirements means that audit trails must be complete and vital business documents can only be accessed by authorized personnel.

‘Compliance’ and ‘validation’ are two key words in the biotech and pharmaceutical vocabulary. Introducing a new drug or a biotechnological process to market is spread out over years and spans multiple departments within a company. Tracking progress on individual projects is very complicated, and the audit trails are endless!

Biotech and pharmaceutical companies are faced with numerous challenges while managing critical documentation. This is where CTI comes in. We understand that pharmaceutical document management must be enterprise-wide to ensure that deliverables from all users can be easily accessed and collated by project managers and staff to cut down on the time needed to prepare for validation and FDA regulations.

CTI has scanned documents for many pharmaceutical companies including but not limited to case report forms, new drug medications, and lab notebooks, just to name a few.

Reap the benefits of a pharmaceutical-focused document management solution

The inefficiency of paper-based or standalone document management systems is counterproductive and costly. Eliminate high ongoing costs associated with numerous facilities and employees maintaining separate records management systems for each location. Plus, benefit from increased collaboration and a centralized document repository.

Save space and time by finding your documents in an easily searchable online document storage database and also in human readable format. Paper documents require a great deal of expensive storage space, so go digital and ditch the storage facility. Use the money you save to invest in research and development.

Create greater efficiencies during the document review process. Eliminate excessive meetings and multiple versions of the same documents – have all your documents in place for discussion, review, and changes and be able to easily obtain approvals and signatures. It’s really just as easy as that!

Detailed audit trails are a breeze with the right enterprise content management system. You will have audit trails on the creation and modification of various documents during the development of a drug or process.

Look to us to help keep you organized and PII compliant. Contact CTI today to speak to an experienced document management specialist.