Do you know how much money that you could save by outsourcing your AP processes?
Manually processing invoices is a labor-intensive process which uses many processing hours throughout multiple departments within companies. This manual process not only creates high costs, but are open to human error, creating stress and lower productivity.
Research by has shown that when companies process invoices manually, they can spend upwards of $15 per invoice to process.

With outsourcing AP processing companies can save up to 60% of their AP processing costs while repurposing staff to increase sales and customer service which equals higher profits.
There are other costs to consider when manually processing invoices, like late fees, duplicate payments, early payment discounts and document storage costs.

How Much Could You Gain from outsourcing AP Processes?
Can you Imagine, a no touch AP process? No opening envelopes, no scanning invoices, no data entry and no documents to store?
By outsourcing you AP process, your profits will increase, staff moral will rise and most important, companies can focus on keeping their customers happy and satisfied.
Approval time for invoices will increase and companies will be able to focus more on unpaid invoices and quick pay discounts.

Outsourcing Will Save Time and Money!
Outsourcing AP processing is seeing strong growth and will become a more standard practice for many companies in the near future. The return on investment includes higher efficiency, lower costs, and less time spent managing the process.
No more missed payments, no more errors and no more headaches.