With businesses making the shift to electronic records, many people wonder about the safety of sensitive information during document scanning. Businesses and clients want to know that their sensitive information is being protected.

We live in a highly electronic world made up of technology that we couldn’t even dream of 50 years ago. Unless you’re a caveman, inventions like computers, smart phones, tablets, and the Internet have made managing our business and lives much easier. However, with the advance of such technology comes a number of security threats and concerns. Every company out there has access to some degree of sensitive information, whether it be credit card and billing information, social security numbers, or medical records. With businesses making the switch from paper to electronic records by employing document scanning initiatives, many people wonder how safe the scanned information really is. Both businesses and clients want to know for certain that their sensitive information is being protected once it is converted to an electronic record. So the question remains, is sensitive information really safe for document scanning?

To put it simply, the answer is yes. There are a variety of benefits that document scanning and electronic filing systems provide to businesses, and there are many security features you can build into these systems to keep all of your sensitive information safe and private (see Are There Security Risks for Medical Document Scanning?). However, it is crucial that this transition is done in the right environment with the right procedures in place so that this sensitive information is handled properly during document scanning. Many companies look to outsource their file converting to third party service bureaus, such as CTI, who are well equipped with the proper equipment, environment, and procedures to make sure all of your records are handled in the safest possible way.

At CTI, we have the processes and measures in place to make sure your sensitive information is kept safe during document scanning, from our initial receipt of your documents to their delivery back to you. We take away the hassle you may face of converting your files on your own and the stress of making sure they are converted securely. For over 23 years, CTI has placed the security of customer’s documents at the top of our list. From loan documents to financial institutions to patient medical records, sensitive information is handled daily with security in mind. With the variety of CTI’s document scanning offerings, you can rest assured knowing that your valuable documents are in the best possible hands.

If you choose to do your own in-house scanning, the same type of processes need to be in place, and the document management system of choice obviously needs to have security in mind as well. You must make sure that you keep a detailed, timely audit trail when handling sensitive documents so that you can easily trace their steps in case of a breach. It is also important to utilize electronic file encryption, restricted user access, and complex passwords to ensure that hackers and other cyber thieves cannot easily access your sensitive records. Putting such security processes in place is often times too costly or overwhelming for businesses, which is why outsourcing this work to a third party is popular amongst many firms.

If you would like to learn more about the document security offerings available at CTI, please feel free to contact us! We would be happy to answer your questions and help you handle your sensitive information with the utmost safety.