GlobalSearch, powered by Square 9:
Keeping You Connected and Productive Wherever You Are

Unplug from the network while staying in contact with your documents. GlobalSearch is the proven answer if you want:


  • Anywhere access to your documents
  • Full feature editing
  • User initiated workflows
  • Granular document security
  • True cross platform support
  • iOS and Android support
  • Zero footprint viewer

The Mobile Solution to Document Management:
Attend the Webinar Thursday, July 9 at 2 pm

Included standard with every SmartSearch installation, GlobalSearch can give you access to your documents without being tied down to a workplace. This presentation is a great way to see how Square 9’s mobile access product delivers the tools to easily collaborate, route and even electronically sign documents to streamline company-wide productivity, even when out of the office.

If you are interested in learning more about staying in touch while on-the-go, this is the session for you. The webinar will not be technical nor will it be sales oriented, but rather a clear and concise description and demonstration of the GlobalSearch product with plenty of time allowed for questions and answers.

Extend Your View
Enjoy untethered access to your documents no matter where you are in the world. With GlobalSearch you enjoy secure access to your business content with a platform that is optimized to deliver a desktop experience through the browser.
Get Connected
Get access to your information regardless of the mobile device you’re using. As a true cross platform application, GlobalSearch supports Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari, and Firefox along with Apple iOS and Android powered devices.
Keep Things Moving
Need to approve an invoice or review a contract? With GlobalSearch you have total workflow functionality including automated routings, notifications, escalations and much more. Work doesn’t have to stop just because you’re out of the office.

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