On May 29, 2013 we wrote a blog that focused on the transformation of Michael Epstein, one of the founders and owners here at CTI.

We are delighted to announce that Michael’s appearance on Extreme Weight Loss will be Tuesday evening, August 13, at 8PM EST.  On this two-hour special, you will see what motivation, determination and dedication can do for an individual that wanted to make a profound change in his life.

This is what we wrote back on May 29:

Did you know that a four-drawer file cabinet filled with paper weighs approximately 440 pounds?  Imagine the stress a room full of file cabinets full of paper put on the structural integrity of a building if it was not built to sustain that kind of weight.

One of our owners, Michael Epstein, had some structural issues with his body and struggled with his weight for many years.  In fact, Michael weighed almost as much as a four-drawer file cabinet filled with paper.

We can help you get rid of the paper outsourcing your conversion services to CTI and having us scan the paper and they destroy it.  This is the quickest way to get rid of 440 pounds of paper and create a document management system that turns paper into digital images and sheds the paper while creating electronic copies of all your paper documents.  Once you have your paper in an electronic format, you can toss the four-drawer file cabinet and use the valuable floor space for another aspect of running your business.

As we all know, shedding pounds off the body isn’t quite this easy – in fact it’s real hard.  Michael underwent a transformation this past year as he got very serious about losing weight and actually qualified for a national television program that showcases incredible individuals that made up their mind to shed pounds and improve their health.

What does this have to do with document management systems?  A lot.

Many companies and organizations are dealing with chaos in their information management systems.  In an era when it should be easy to find the information you need, it is still frustrating for companies and organizations that spend countless articles looking for a file, contract, patient record or other documents that are needed to make intelligent business decisions quickly.

The reason is that many of these same companies are still dealing with paper-intensive business applications that should have been automated by now.

Enter into the equation a new generation of knowledge workers who know how to find everything they want, when they want it, and very quickly through their own personal computers, tablets and smartphones.

Why is it so easy to do these things outside of work, but so hard to do once you get to the office?

Simple, corporations and organizations of all sizes have not shown the tenacity that Michael has shown in changing his lifestyle and sticking to a plan of action to reach the desired results.

That’s exactly what CTI does for their clients who are ready, willing and able to make the same decision to change the way they do business, and do it in dramatic fashion.

Just as Michael found out; it is not easy.

But just as Michael proved, it can be accomplished.

So if your company is struggling with your own business challenges and don’t know quite where to start, you can call and talk directly to Michael at CTI, or any member of our professional information management team that can show you how to shed paper in your company.  Then we can show you how to implement the Systems of Engagement into your Systems of Record as explained in this free report that we are making available to you today in honor of Michael’s accomplishments.

Let CTI show you how we can dramatically improve your document management systems, take control of your records management challenges, and redefine everything about your company that deals with too much paper.  Just the way Michael did with too many pounds.

And don’t forget to tune in August 13 at 8PM to watch Michael’s incredible transformation on Extreme Weight Loss!