CTI’s proprietary solution, Invoice Comparison Extraction (ICE) was designed to provide Coupa customers with the lowest cost, highest accuracy and fastest turnaround for invoice capture processing all without putting the burden on the AP department. Simply stated, ICE turns paper, emailed, and faxed invoices into e-Invoices when suppliers cannot send e-Invoices directly. CTI provides for all invoices to become 100% electronic from day 1 providing for a paper free AP.

CTI is a CoupaLink partner and the ICE solution is CoupaLink certified. As part of the CoupaLink certification process, CTI’s ICE solution integration to Coupa is retested with each new Coupa release to ensure the new release has no impact on the ICE integration to Coupa. An additional benefit of ICE being CoupaLink certified is that the integration between Coupa and ICE is already complete so new Coupa customers can be live using ICE to interface invoice data and images to Coupa in a matter of weeks.


SOLUTION – Invoice Comparison Extraction

CTI ICE for Coupa uses a proprietary dual invoice extraction process to programmatically compare the dual capture results and deliver a minimum accuracy level of 99.95%. Traditional invoice extraction automation like OCR is designed to use a single pass extraction to capture invoice information accurately and then relies on a human being to validate and correct any fields the OCR program cannot extract with full confidence. In contrast CTI ICE uses a dual pass extraction process using different intelligence levels to not only increase accuracy levels but also to reduce the amount of data cleanup that results from traditional OCR technologies. Additionally, while traditional OCR tends to put the cleanup process back on the AP department to resolve, CTI ICE data cleanup is minimal, so any cleanup is provided as part of the overall CTI service with guaranteed accuracy at a minimum 99.95% level freeing up the AP department from any invoice data capture cleanup requirements.


Why Dual Data Extraction?

CTI ICE’s dual extraction using different intelligence levels allows CTI ICE to identify invoice fields that traditional OCR might miss especially on nonstandard invoices. Additionally, by programmatically comparing the dual capture fields, CTI ICE provides a higher confidence level as to the accuracy of the data capture which results in the least amount of manual data cleanup required after the data comparison process.


Invoice Receiving

Through CTI’s offering, Coupa customers can not only automate the invoice data capture process using CTI ICE but also the entire invoice receiving process. CTI provides for receiving of paper based, emailed, and faxed invoices directly from your suppliers if needed. While it is not required to have CTI manage the entire invoice receiving process to use CTI ICE, by doing so customers can completely free themselves from the front-end invoice receiving and capture process and become truly paper free and 100% electronic being CTI will turn those manual invoices into e-Invoices.


ICE Dashboard

CTI ICE’s dashboard provides customers with an online graphical status update for all invoices in process. Invoices are tracked from scan and receiving through indexing through delivery to Coupa with status updates for each step. Additionally, the ICE Dashboard provides for graphical drill down capability to not only see the invoice detail but also the invoice image.


99.95% accuracy on invoice capture 24 hour turnaround from invoice receipt to visibility in Coupa