Improve Productivity with Better Access to Information

Enterprise Content Management
with GlobalSearch®

Manage content more efficiently by taking document processes digital! GlobalSearch enterprise content management software solves everyday business challenges by delivering the tools to capture, retrieve, share, archive and manage your business information when you need it most.

GlobalSearch document management software delivers a range of benefits including heightened collaboration, compliance, cost reduction and security.

Reduce the cost and effort
of database setup with pre-defined solution templates that eliminate manual paper processes.

Gain instant access
to your data from anywhere through a web browser, improving collaboration across departments and locations.

Extend document processing
with automated capture and inttuive document workflow. Keeping all of your business processes moving forward.

Immediately retrieve documents
with advanced search capabilities using keywords, index fields, and more.

Maintain compliance
with secured document storage, while also controlling individual permissions to view, access and edit files.

Ensure business continuity
and eliminate unsecured paper files, in case of theft or unexpected natural disasters.

Smarter decision-making starts now!

Global Search has flexible options and scalability from essential document management to enterprise-class functionality, offered on-premise or in the cloud. Contact us to learn more.