Changing the Game for Release of Patient Information

A range of options “for the Provider” not offered by any other ROI software/service company:

Offering Providers their best ROI solution

Provider Options:

In-House Processing
For Providers who want to streamline their existing ROI process and instantly recover all ROI fee dollars

  • Eliminates 95% of fax, mail, CD, and overnight delivery
  • Dramatically reduces number of FTEs used to process ROI requests
  • Automatically creates ROI invoices based on current State ROI fee schedule
  • Eliminates 99% of Requestor phone calls inquiring about request fulfillment status
  • Exceeds 2013 “meaningful use” guidelines for electronic delivery of patient requests for medical records
  • Provides detailed audit trail and reports to meet the most stringent HIPAA compliance requirements
  • Involves no software installation or license/maintenance fees

Full-Service Outsourcing
For Providers with low volume ROI requests or who wish to eliminate the cost/effort of ROI processing

  • Eliminates ROI processing costs
  • Guarantees HIPAA compliance
  • Frees up FTEs that currently process ROI requests to focus on patient service and core business needs
  • Provides easy access to Web-based tracking reports to monitor activity throughout the fulfillment process

Facilities Management (FM)
For Providers who want to transition from Outsourcing to In-House Processing over a period of time

  • Ensures ROI processing control via ROI on-site management at Provider’s facility
  • Guarantees significant pre-transition ROI revenue sharing for the Provider
  • Gives Provider immediate ownership of ROI fee revenue stream
  • Provides a streamlined process with fully trained FTEs prior to “turnkey” transition to In-House
  • Unburdens the Provider from any implementation resource effort

The Provider now has the flexibility to move between options without having to change companies, software, or procedures.

Helping Providers turn Release of Information fulfillment processing into a true profit center:

Orthopedic Clinic

Small County Hospital

Family Medical Practice

Family Clinic
New Jersey

Small Community Hospital
North Carolina

Large Hospital

The “real value” of any product or service is best defined by those clients who have actual experience using the product!

~ Tom Walker, MHA, CMPE Central Texas Heart Center

“Fulfilling requests for patient charts used to take days and even weeks to complete, and it was impossible to monitor our procedural effectiveness and compliance. Now that we use the ROI+ product, all requests are processed from our NextGen EMR system within the same day. Central Texas Heart Center has achieved a huge reduction in the costly and labor-intensive process of faxing and mailing documents to requestors while dramatically increasing ROI revenue dollars. The ROI+ activity audit log has afforded us absolute HIPAA compliance in fulfilling requests. Finally, ROI+ provides us with a ready-made solution to meeting Meaningful Use core and menu set requirements for providing electronic information to patients in a secure manner without investing in a patient portal.”

~ Leigh Wieda, Program Administrator MedCenter Work Recovery

“In the rapidly evolving digital era, ABT Medical, Inc. stepped in and simplified our busy day and has done it in a way that was all that we hoped for and so much more than we expected. ROI+ has streamlined our process of submitting medical records to insurance companies by allowing us to merely send the carrier a one-page cover sheet. This one simple sheet allows them to go online to view, print, and store the requested medical record that is, at times, 300+ pages in size! The ROI+ system has quite literally saved hours of staff time at the fax and, as an added bonus, allows us to verify when the carrier has received and viewed the requested medical records. Priceless…”

~ Robert Lowe II, RHIA, HCRM – Director of Health Information Management, Onslow Memorial Hospital

The ROI+ system has modernized and streamlined our ROI fulfillment process. The volume of inbound requestor calls has dropped significantly since we started with DIT as our outsource service company. Many of our requests can be fulfilled without scanning the paper chart because the ROI+ system used by DIT can import electronic documents (stored in the MedXpress online repository) directly into the release workflow. DIT has also been able to provide customized reporting and tracking features for our HIM department through ROI+. I appreciate the advanced release technology incorporated into ROI+ and the frequent updates of additional feature/functionality.”

~ Maria Gibson, Office Administrator Remon Fino, MD

“ROI+ has slashed the time and effort required to process incoming requests for Patient Information. ROI+ has eliminated labor, printing, mailing, and fax costs that burdened us before. ROI+ enables us to upload the requested Patient Information from our eClinicalWorks EMR system, in digital format, to the ROI+ Requestor web site. Here, Requestors can conveniently access Patient Information, but only after the Invoice has been paid. ROI+ is quick and easy to learn while exceeding all HIPAA compliance requirements. The free 30-day trial period made for an easy decision to determine if ROI+ would deliver real benefits to our practice. ROI+ is now indispensable in our practice management technology.”



Because compliance and productivity determine who will survive in the healthcare industry, ABT Medical, Inc. has released a strategic addition to its ROI+ solution: the ROI+ Digital Dashboard. With the Digital Dashboard, Providers can instantly visualize and respond to current PHI request activity. The dashboard’s design makes accessing up-to-date data simple and fast. Using an intuitive graphical display that is thoughtfully laid out and easy to navigate, the dashboard summarizes and arranges up-to-date metrics and key performance indicators on a single screen. HIM managers can now track ROI fulfillment logging, PHI aggregation, fulfillment completion, Requestor notifications, and PHI viewing activity. They can see the high-level processes at a glance and then drill down into low-level data. Because this detail is typically buried deep within the standard reporting process, it has never before been so readily available to Provider executives. To determine just how efficient their ROI fulfillment staff is, Providers can also capture productivity data for each phase of the workflow process, thus obtaining a “snapshot” of staff performance. The dashboard reports visually on system performance and announces ROI+ release and maintenance notifications in real time.

Benefits of the ROI+ Digital Dashboard:

  • Obtain real-time visuals of key performance measures
  • Identify and correct negative trends
  • Evaluate and modify new trends
  • Measure efficiencies/ inefficiencies in current fulfillment process
  • Make better-informed decisions based on performance intelligence
  • Align strategies and organizational ROI fulfillment goals
  • Save time compared to running and analyzing multiple reports
  • Gain instant and total visibility of system performance
  • Quickly identify data outliers and correlations
  • Conduct easy


Managing Requestor behavior on payment activity is a major challenge. Requestors who fail to pay within the critical 45-90 days are tracked here.


Shows specific status indicators for requests in the active transaction processing cycle. Clicking on the status value provides detail on the relevant transactions.


Performance trend measurement for requests by status that have been processed during the last two weeks are displayed here chronologically.