Introducing the next level in document management solutions for the healthcare industry. In addition to real-time live tracking and status updates, this revolutionary new tool provides an enhanced client experience with full transparency, end-user simplicity, full-circle workflows, rapid turnaround times, improved compliance, a dynamic database, iron-clad security, reliable backup, and immediate ROI.

When you trust your files to a scanning partner, do you always know where your documents are throughout the scanning process? Can you check their status and instantly see the scanned images, even before the other processing steps have been completed?

Have you ever wished for a dashboard view of the entire repository that would not only show you the history of actions performed, but allow you to instantly search, track and share files? Well, stop wishing and say hello to CTI Live!

In addition to real-time live tracking, CTI Live boasts an impressive set of full-spectrum capabilities, including:

  • Customized capture modules with multiple device capability
  • Advanced search functionality
  • Conversion monitoring from pickup to delivery
  • Shipments module which displays manifest information down to the box or batch
  • Automatic document classification with easy implementation
  • Ability to handle day-forward capture internally
  • Simple set-up of unlimited projects
  • Proprietary algorithm logic loads hundreds of searchable thumbnails instantly
  • Print shipping labels and schedule drop-off or pick-up directly from the application
  • Securely print, fax, email, and share directly from the application, for FREE!
  • Offset high printing and faxing costs
  • Incoming faxes incorporated directly into workflow
  • Instant image visibility, regardless of processing stage
  • Self-replicating back-up with identical interfaces to facilitate offline access
  • Dynamic database keeps relevant information searchable and at your fingertips
  • Amazon web services hosting with 250-bit encryption
  • Unique logins for each user within an organization
  • Access rights and permissions can be set to project and sub-folder level
  • Information can be repopulated directly into any document management system
  • Request files by manifest lookup and communicate directly with project staff
  • 24-hour turnaround times
  • Complete audit trails on all files within the system