Parent Companies

Acurity and Conversion Technologies International, Inc. (CTI) signed a contract extension through July 15, 2021. Purchasing agreement # GNYHA-NBI-037 Acurity Members have access to discounted rates ranging between 20% and 30% off standard pricing.


CTI’s Products and Services:

  • on-site and off-site scanning of medical records and a wide array of other documents that healthcare organizations are required to retain (e.g., medical staff credentialing, human resources, occupational health, legal, and finance/accounting files);
  • entering clinical information (e.g., active problem list, past medical and surgical history, allergies, immunizations, active medication list, and family and social history) into a facility’s electronic medical/health record (EMR/EHR) system;
  • converting digitized files or images to a format compatible with an organization’s EMR/EHR system, practice management software, or a document retrieval system; and
  • automating the accounts payable invoice receiving and capture process with proprietary technology that can interface with an organization’s existing financial or enterprise resource planning system. This technology receives invoices from suppliers in paper or electronic form (e.g., PDF, TIFF, JPG, Excel, and Word) and scans, indexes, and stores them with a minimum of 99.95% capture accuracy.


CTI has provided the following services for past and current Acurity members:

Scanning Services
  • AP Invoice Processing
  • HR Files
  • Medical Records
  • Nursing Education Files
  • Medical Staff Credentialing Files
  • Health Risk Assessment Files
  • Risk Management Files
  • Healthcare Real Estate Files
  • Medical/Dental X-Rays
  • Medical Chart Abstraction
  • CARE 360
  • GPRO Submission
  • Physician Quality Reporting Services
  • Cloud Based Document Management System