Warmer Weather Calls for a Change in Routine

You know the drill. By the time summer rolls around, the office starts looking like a ghost town. From the out-of-office replies to the canceled meetings, it seems like more employees are cleaning out the mental clutter of the first half of the year by taking long weekends and using those accumulated vacation days. Ah, to be a kid again and enjoy summers off. But just because you’re working doesn’t mean your office has to feel like a prison during the slower summer months.  Keep reading for tips on how to de-stress and recharge by making your office environment more conducive to productivity and relaxation.

Summer Got You Feeling Sluggish? Time to Lighten Up!

  1. Step out for sanity: Get some fresh air, have lunch with friends, keep it moving, and chill out – literally!
  2. Create an office oasis: Spruce up your surroundings, mix things up a bit, and add some scenery
  3. Work on your fitness: Ditch the chair, start simple, and freshen up
  4. Find reasons to celebrate: Create weekday themes and share joy whenever you can
  5. Creature comforts: Admit it: you need a fan, fight the wires, get some gadgets, pick a playlist
  6. Map out each week: Take a step back, learn to set boundaries, consciously schedule, close your email!
  7. Banish clutter: Get rid of digital clutter, desktop and workspace clutter, and mental clutter

Why not be a trendsetter this summer by mixing up your office routine with some of these tips? Trust us, your boss and coworkers will thank you, and likely even follow suit!