1. Allows your vendors to send invoices directly to a managed PO Box in your companies name where they open the mail, sort, scan and do data capture of invoices
  2. Gain benefits of upfront scanning and data capture
  3. Eliminate paper handling by moving the scanning to the front end of your process to provide a true Zerotouch invoice environment
  4. Gain benefits of Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology without needing to invest in the technology yourself
  5. No need to invest in costly scanning equipment
  6. Don’t need to turn your AP processors into scanning and data capture operators
  7. Ability to leverage the best practices of scanning and data capture experts
  8. No more lost invoices
  9. Faster invoices processing of images and data to your AP system mean more time to approve and match invoices to avoid late fees and take early payment discounts
  10. Outsource the challenge of scanning and data capture………..but still control the AP workflow approval and matching process