In Acquisitions, Companies Aren’t the Only Things Being Merged

That’s right – when one company acquires another, they’re getting a lot more than additional locations and customers. Financials, business documentation, human-resources related information, and more – all become front and center.

Mergers are harder to pull off in some industries than in others. The heavily-regulated financial and medical/pharmaceutical markets have seen their fair share of complicated business transactions, i.e. the ongoing $17B negotiations between Walgreens and Rite Aid, the Jefferson/Abington Health/Aria merger, and a series of community bank consolidations in New Jersey.

The Key to Avoiding Jam-Ups and Creating Profitable Deals Based on Growth Has Much to Do With Being Prepared

Box, Scan, and Migrate Documentation from Various Departments

Whether you see it coming or the news of an acquisition comes as a surprise, chances are that it will affect your job and change the daily responsibilities of your stakeholders. You see, mergers & acquisitions have to be handled in a delicate but thorough manner at all levels – from the very top to the very bottom. If you’re going to experience changes in location, ownership, management, personnel, protocol, or otherwise, then getting prepared is half the battle.

You might think you can do it  yourself, and you probably can, but a trusted service bureau can typically save you a large percentage of the costs of do-it-yourself information management. There are hidden costs you may not even be aware of, and they don’t always show up on the balance sheet. Ask your employees and colleagues how much time they’re spending on manual processes, just because ‘there’s no better way.’

When it all comes down to dollars and sense,
make sure you’re thinking in terms of dollars and sense!

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