Do You Ever Wish There Were an All-in-One Software Solution?

Often times growing organizations, in an effort to become more efficient, end up implementing software solutions which vary by department and aren’t compatible.  Needless to say, cross-training employees becomes difficult when it takes more time to learn another department’s system and process than it would to manually perform the task. This isn’t scalable, and as technology evolves these companies find themselves stuck with outdated systems and methodologies, as well as frustrated employees.

“One ECM Solution for Every Departmental Process”

Like the title of yesterday’s Square 9 webinar implies, SmartSearch Document Management creates efficiency throughout an entire organization in the most cost-effective manner, regardless of industry or company size. SmartSearch lets you scale your ECM needs across every area of business including Accounting, Human Resources, Contracts Management and more.

With SmartSearch, it is possible to simplify document-intensive tasks, such as:


  • Invoice scanning, filing and workflow
  • Employee recruiting, onboarding and performance tracking
  • Collaborating on vendor, partner and client contracts
  • Connecting payroll activities to HR and financial departments


See for yourself how the flexible nature of SmartSearch can help your organization to perform more efficiently across every department.

Have you ever wished your documents could be in two places at once? Well, now they can! HR and AP sometimes tend to overlap, and when they do, you may find yourself wishing for a courier or a sidekick to help relay information between the two.  SmartSearch’s document workflow engine, Work XChange, can seamlessly move documents from your HR department to Accounting and allow you to receive automated email notifications whenever a document needs attention through its built-in conditional routing and multi-level approval process.

Examples of Common Functions Between HR and AP Include:


  • The employee onboarding process
  • Documenting salary changes
  • Filing 401k paperwork

[/checklist] SmartSearch creates a more efficient solution to completing these tasks across
both departments.

Hire to Retire and HR

Hire to Retire is designed to significantly improve HR processing with a collection of features including capabilities to:

  • Eliminate paper based employee files
  • Streamline the Employee Onboarding process
  • Leverage web based employee request forms
  • Ensure HIPAA compliance with a secured HR Repository
  • Access HR records as needed through your mobile device
  • Automate post hire activities including reviews and benefits enrollment


Purchase to Pay and AP

Purchase to Pay is designed to have a real and immediate impact on the way you handle Accounts Payable Processing:

  • Web form processing for requisitions
  • Automated approval routing
  • Web based PO generation and distribution
  • OCR enabled scanning
  • AP/ GL coding & three-way matching
  • Share data with QuickBooks, Microsoft Dynamics and other leading financial systems
  • Secure and compliant archival of all financial records


CTI is Your Partner for HR and AP Process Optimization

Regardless which financial package you have in place, CTI boasts daily PO box pick-up with 24-48 hour turnaround times.  And whether or not you’re in need of a software solution, CTI’s expertise is scanning, converting, and digitizing paper records of all kinds, into whichever format you prefer.