When it comes to accumulating enormous volumes of paper, educational institutions earn an A+! Naturally, cleaning up the past year’s records can be an item of contention in many schools.

As many teachers and education professionals know, a smooth start in September often depends partially on how well-prepared a school leaves itself in June.  But there’s no need to dread the end of the school year and give yourself detention just to clean up those files before starting your summer – a scanning partner may be able to help you get everything squared away, fast and hassle free.

Already Dreading the Start of Next Year?

Have no fear! Whether or not there’s room in the budget for a conversion project this year, there are still plenty of steps you can take to alleviate some of the pain of the clean-up process.  Check out our recent post on corporate relocation for some handy tips on how to prepare for document retention and disposal, and how to effectively strategize your file management.



Grade Your Paper

Digitizing, standardizing, and automating the school’s business processes will boost productivity, efficiency, and compliance. Request a complimentary cost analysis to get an idea of just how much your school could be saving on copy and storage costs, as well as a vision of what your school’s transformation could look and feel like.

Now’s the time to factor document conversion into your budget for next year and allocate some funds towards improving your school’s efficiency.  You’d be surprised what a difference it can make.  Take our brief conversion questionnaire to find out if scanning could be the answer for your school!