Introducing NJCAR!

NJCAR, or the New Jersey Alliance for Cultural Response, is an assembly of individuals and people from state organizations and agencies who are dedicated to preserving and safeguarding the state’s cultural heritage.

What is the Purpose of NJCAR?

NJCAR was formed to extend the state’s existing disaster preparation and loss mitigation measures to New Jersey’s cultural and historical sites.  As stated in their brochure, the Alliance aims “to serve as a statewide resource” in disaster situations, through collaboration with state emergency management.  Members of NJCAR include employees of the NJ Historic Preservation Office, the NJ Historic Trust, the NJ State Library, the NJ State Archives, the NJ State Museum, the NJ Council on the Arts, CARMA NJ, and the Assistant Secretary of State, to name a few.

How Does NJCAR Work?

Per the NJCAR website and brochure, the Alliance “empowers New Jersey’s cultural community to preserve assets and sustain operations before, during, and after disasters.” In concert with the New Jersey Office of Emergency Management (NJOEM), the Alliance will provide communication and training to facilitate the incorporation of cultural resources into the statewide Emergency Response Framework for disaster planning, risk assessment, hazard mitigation, and recovery. Managers of cultural assets from New Jersey’s different communities will work with NJCAR to help connect county and local government emergency personnel to these initiatives through the NJOEM.

Want More Information?

To learn more about NJCAR’s purpose and program, membership opportunities, and upcoming meetings, click the image below, or visit their website.