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Is Your Facility HIPAA-Compliant?

Adhering to HIPAA guidelines means much more than following best-practices protocols to ensure information security and patient privacy. Being fully HIPAA-compliant also means gaining patient trust and positively differentiating your practice from the competition, says Square 9’s Lauren Ford.

In her recent blog post for Square 9, titled “The Competitive Advantage of Compliance,” Ford explains that by implementing a document management solution, “healthcare organizations can seamlessly transform medical records into secure, electronic files to ultimately streamline the management of patient care.”

With their cutting-edge SmartSearch tool, Square 9 offers healthcare facilities the technical safeguards they need in order to simplify the handling of patient information and to “effortlessly transform them into a HIPAA compliant provider.”

See the full blog post here.

CTI Healthcare Solutions: Enhancing Business, Ensuring Success

CTI has partnered with dozens of hospitals and healthcare facilities across the region, completing over 500,000 chart abstractions and producing over 50 million images. With 20+ years of experience, CTI’s expertise is eliminating unnecessary costs, simplifying business processes, and not only saving – but making – practices money.

To see a more complete menu of CTI’s Healthcare Solutions, including medical incentive program criteria completion, download our interactive web flyer here.

Human Resources and Accounts Payable in Healthcare

The healthcare field has a special set of requirements when it comes to its document management needs, but even hospitals and doctors’ offices aren’t immune to the universal Human Resources and Accounts Payable issues faced by most other industries.

With daily pickup and uploads amounting to millions of invoices processed and delivery within 24-48 hours, CTI takes invoice virtualization to the next level to enable companies of all kinds to maximize control, scalability, and efficiency.

For a more complete explanation of CTI’s services, click here to download our interactive Healthcare AP/HR flyer.

In Part 3 of their blog post “How Document Management Makes Your Business More Efficient,” Square 9’s Lauren Ford explains how revolutionary tools like SmartSearch “help to streamline employee information capture without the need for paper documents.”

Ford continues by discussing how Human Resources departments can “cut costs and gain more time for activities of higher importance” by replacing paper-intensive processes with digital document automation.  Watch a video demo on Square 9’s Hire to Retire program.

To learn more about advanced workflow technology with SmartSearch, read the full blog post.

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