If Your Filing Cabinets Could Talk, What Would They Say?

We’re sure they’d be telling each other plenty of stories.  And if you have honest filing cabinets, then watch out! Outdated paper processes and manual information storage speaks volumes about a company’s levels of organization, consistency, information security, and efficiency.  Especially with employee turn-over and changes in processes, you can’t be sure that every file is handled the same way and contains the same key information.

Whisper Down the (Filing Cabinet) Lane

Do you ever question the security of the information you’re storing? Just because files are held in a locking cabinet at the end of the day, doesn’t mean they’re always secure.  Document type can make a big difference, too.  Consider imaging your loose-leaf documents or stacks of paper and storing the images in a secure format within a content management solution customized for your company.

If certain file folders are missing even one standard document, it could come back to haunt you! Don’t let your filing cabinets plot against you.  Give them some room to breathe by following our simple advice below.

Stay on Top of Your Paper: Become the Auditor

  • Ensure compliance, not complaints
  • Don’t let a surprise examination catch you off guard
  • Ask yourself, who’s really profiting from all that paper?

Say Goodbye to Paper Cuts and Hello to Smarter Service

  • Archive and locate information with a single click
  • Filing cabinets are fossils: digitization is the way of the future!
  • Unleash your revenue with greater earning potential

Bullet-Proof Your Information Management and Stay Accountable

    • Don’t leave your priceless information vulnerable
    • What happens when employees leave their desks?
    • Is your information really protected after hours?

Identify costly and hazardous weaknesses within your organization and find out how to correct them:

Download our informative guide for paper-based businesses,

“Stop the Bleeding: Secure Your Information without Band-Aids”