The modern world is a sprawling digital canvas, waiting to be accessed for its full potential. So why not take complete advantage of such a fantastic opportunity? The days of paper are numbered as automated virtual processes take over. The thing to remember is that technology is always evolving; there is no cap. With CTI, that means things like invoice virtualization can always be on the cutting-edge of the industry.

The risk of Accounts Payable outsourcing can be fully combated. What you really want is configurable, cloud-architected software as a service (saas) model. The cloud-based software allows implementation of AP automation software within just days, as opposed to weeks. This scalable, multi-tenant model incorporates advanced imaging technology, AP workflow automation software built on best practices, simple supplier connections, and seamless ERP integration. What this means for companies is starkly increased control of the payables process. Through a fully-automated PO requisition system, invoice processing will become an accelerated, digital experience that can connect to ERP systems.

Naturally, there are alternative options. This includes the Accounts Payable solution of Purchase to Pay. Purchase to Pay is also an end-to-end solution, with full document workflow capabilities from capture to destruction. An automated process that handles web form requisition, approval routing, web-based PO generation and distribution, and OCR code scanning is an ideal format. Along with these, you would want the ability to conduct coding and three-way matching. Data-sharing with industry-leading financial systems can also be optimized for the ultimate 21st-Century, paperless process.

For questions or further information on either option detailed here, contact an experienced team member at CTI.