How to minimize security risks associated with medical document scanning.

Medical Documents are some of the most private and regulated records that exist. If you work in any type of medical field, you know just how important it is to keep medical records secure. You are also very aware of the repercussions of not doing so. People want to feel that their medical records are being kept safe and secure. With the increase of computer hacking and advances in network security threats, many medical professionals wonder if it’s safe to convert their files to electronic versions. Is document scanning of medical files secure?

There is always a risk when handling medical records or secured personal information of any kind. The key to minimizing these risks is simple. Process. Process. Process. A well-structured and secure process for medical document scanning creates a clear audit trail from beginning to end of every single movement of the secured record.

Before a medical record is scanned, the biggest risk is that the document could be lost, misplaced, or moved without the proper sign offs. A well thought out process can minimize this risk by making sure any type of movement, no matter how slight, is signed off and recorded. This way, if a document were to be misplaced, you would know who to ask and where to look.

Safety concerns seem to develop more so after the document has been scanned and turned into an electronic copy. Rest assured, there are many ways to keep your electronic medical records safe and sound. Electronic records can be safely placed in an online repository with the proper security in place. You should also encrypt these records, which converts files into a different form that can only be accessed (decrypted) by authorized parties. Another good practice is to have complex passwords and change these passwords frequently, making it more difficult for hackers to access your secured files and data.
Medical document scanning will provide your business with all of the benefits of document scanning (see What is Document Scanning), all while keeping your private documents safe and secure from mismanagement or harm.
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