We’ve all seen that never-ending corridor of filing cabinets – the place where efficiency goes to die.

We’ve all been put on hold while the person we’re talking to on the phone disappears down this corridor to retrieve a file.  What holds so many offices back from simply getting rid of all that paper? You might say “It’s just not that easy.” But the top 5 questions we get asked about document management really are that easy to answer.  Keep reading to discover the various benefits of implementing a document management solution, and let CTI rescue you from the filing cabinet corridor.

In our 21+ years in business, CTI has seen (and emptied) plenty of filing cabinets.

We’ve converted over 2 billion images from our 15,000 square foot facility, and we specialize in optimizing business processes and workplace efficiency.  If you’re in a paper-intensive environment, or if you have a large back-file or conversion project, you’ve met your partner. Take a peek at the list of questions and answers below to discover the other ways that a full-service document management solutions company like CTI can help businesses of all shapes and sizes.

What is Document Management:

For starters, Document Management is comprised of a host of services from scanning, storage and destruction to conversion, migration, and data entry. But it doesn’t stop there: Document Management has evolved and expanded to include software solutions and outsourced business process automation.

Why Document Management:

Every organization has its own set of unique needs and challenges, from compliance with laws and regulations to privacy and security issues. Document Management makes paper-intensive environments more efficient so that companies can focus on what they do best, without having to hire additional personnel to implement manual workflows.

Which Industries Benefit from Document Management?

Just about any industry that generates paper! Proponents of Document Management are known to include the finance & insurance, legal, healthcare & pharmaceutical, government, transportation, manufacturing, human resources, accounts payable & receivable, and education industries, among others.

Do I Need to Purchase Expensive and Bulky Equipment?

Not at all! Although CTI is a certified servicer and reseller of imaging hardware and software through our relationships with many top manufacturers, your workspace can absolutely reap the rewards of our services without doing the work yourself.  Through our consultative approach, CTI will evaluate your needs to offer a comprehensive, full-service experience with the least work – and cost – possible to you.

How Can Document Management Improve My Office?

Which industry are you in? Click one of the list items below to be taken to the corresponding industry solutions page on our website for more information.

HealthcareFinancial ServicesInsuranceEducationGovernmentManufacturingLegalPharmaceutical

Don’t see your industry listed? CTI customizes business solutions specifically for each client.  Contact us to discuss how CTI Document Management Solutions can improve your business.