What Do Plunging Stocks in China and the Ashley Madison Hack Scandal Have to Do With Scanning?

A couple of things, as it turns out. And they could translate to big savings and quite the security boost for you.

By Now You’ve Heard About the Chinese Stock Market Frenzy…

It’s creating a lot of panic and speculation among investors and financial analysts everywhere. But we’re not here to tell you what to do with your portfolio. Prices are down at the pump everywhere you look – this morning I saw $2.09 per gallon at my neighborhood Wawa. Still not catching my drift? Some are saying it’s a great time to buy – we’re saying it’s a great time to offer free pickup and delivery of boxes and files to get your new scanning project started. You’re welcome.

More Than 30 Million Cheaters Exposed

Thanks to the Ashley Madison hack, a significant privacy breach has occurred, exposing the personal information of millions of the site’s registered users. Why should you care? Plainly put, because it could happen to you! This is one of the biggest breaches in recent history, and Ashley Madison touted security and discretion as top benefits for its users, much like many other (less seedy) sites where you might have provided personal information or created an account. Iron-clad security measures, including secure cloud backup, are more important than ever when it comes to protecting your important documentation and personal information. Lucky for you, we have just the thing.

Sift Through the Rest of Our Headlines

Okay, so the FREE pickup and delivery and the secure cloud-based data backup were the two biggest things we wanted you to hear about this week. But we have other tidbits for you, too. Go ahead and pick through as you wish.

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