Are You Still Using Your Time and Money to “Get Caught Up?”

From healthcare to financial services, the labor-related problems associated with having a back-log of documentation can linger well beyond the conversion project.

Chances are, employees are being paid (possibly on an overtime basis) and resources are being used to get caught up on scanning historical data so that you can get current and transition into a day-forward workflow. But this transition isn’t always as seamless as it should be, and it’s far too easy to fall behind again.

Even when you do finally get caught up and begin your daily workflow of scanning current documentation, there is most likely a piece of the puzzle that it still made of paper, which can cost more than you realize.

If you don’t have software that intercepts and automates faxing, time and money are being thrown out the window to print, scan, and route those faxes. In addition, your personnel are being paid for activities that are decreasing their productivity while your resources are not being optimally utilized.

Music to Your Employees’ Ears

CTI has cutting-edge solutions that not only simplify workflows, but intercept and automate faxes, emails and more – securely.

Alleviate the high costs, drains on resources, and process bottlenecks caused by labor-related inefficiencies that arise from having too much paper, outdated systems, transitioning to new systems, or migrating large amounts of data.


Introducing CTI Live and CTI Health Live, Powered by ProviderFlow

With CTI Live and CTI Health Live, powered by ProviderFlow, it doesn’t matter which industry you’re in – you can get caught up and into an effective day-forward workflow in no time at all. Say hello to increased productivity and profit.

Don’t drain your employees (and your payroll account) just to get caught up on your backlog. With CTI’s solutions, all that will remain is indexing – approximately a third of the total cost of your conversion project – and potentially even a fraction of that when you outsource to a trusted partner (like CTI).

CTI has a proven history of saving businesses real money and real time – making a big difference in the way they run not only today, but for years to come.

Interested in learning more about how the simplicity of an end-to-end system can benefit your business or healthcare practice? We offer complimentary consultations, so let us know when you’re tired of playing – and paying – catch up.
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