Did you know that a four-drawer file cabinet filled with paper weighs approximately 440 pounds?  Imagine the stress a room full of file cabinets full of paper put on the structural integrity of a building if it was not built to sustain that kind of weight.

One of our owners, Michael Epstein, had some structural issues with his body and struggled with his weight for many years.  In fact, Michael weighed almost as much as a four-drawer file cabinet filled with paper.

We can help you get rid of the paper outsourcing your conversion services to CTI and having us scan the paper and they destroy it.  This is the quickest way to get rid of 440 pounds of paper and create a document management system that turns paper into digital images and sheds the paper while creating electronic copies of all your paper documents.  Once you have your paper in an electronic format, you can toss the four-drawer file cabinet and use the valuable floor space for another aspect of running your business.

As we all know, shedding pounds off the body isn’t quite this easy – in fact it’s real hard.  Michael underwent a transformation this past year as he got very serious about losing weight and actually qualified for a national television program that showcases incredible individuals that made up their mind to shed pounds and improve their health.

We are extremely proud of Michael and all that he has accomplished as part of the national TV program, Extreme Weight Loss that launched its new season at 8PM last night on ABC.  You didn’t see Michael last night, but you will see him in the next few months when he is featured on the show that will document his incredible weight loss.

We can’t tell you the final results, but will let you know when his show will air.  However, we can tell you that he started his journey by stepping on a scale that read 417 pounds . . . almost the same as that four-drawer file cabinet in your office.

Michael is one of the owner’s here at CTI and for the last twenty years he and his brother Yale have been providing solutions for companies and organizations that have been challenged with paper-intensive business processes.  By shedding the paper, CTI has been able to show companies how to reduce costs and increase productivity by working with electronic documents instead of paper documents.

We are going to find ways to promote Michael’s healthy lifestyle once his story is told to the national viewing audience.  We kind of like the theme of; Lean and Mean in 2013.  Michael can show your employees how to get motivated, and stay motivated, with a weight loss program that will put you on a path to a healthier lifestyle.

At the same time, CTI can work with you to help reduce the pounds of paper in your company and put you on a path to a more efficient way of running your business.

Scanning documents sheds pounds of paper out of your company.  You already have the computers you need to automate your business processes by outsourcing the scanning of your accounts payable, accounts receivable, human resources, manufacturing documentation, patient charts and health records and just about anything else you are currently storing in a four-drawer file cabinet.

So tune in to Extreme Weight Loss and stay tuned to CTI and see how we will be promoting Michael and his new body once his show airs this season.

If you want to start shedding paper, or want to find out how easy it is to improve your business challenges – CTI can start scanning your files today and convert them into digital images and productive workflows that will showcase your new document imaging system before you get to see Michael unveil his incredible weight loss.