Still Experiencing Process Bottlenecks, Even After Going “Paperless”?

We see it all the time: “Go Green!” “Go Paperless!” “Go Digital!” But when it comes to managing your paper and improving efficiency, there really isn’t a single “quick fix” or “easy button” without a continued document management strategy.
For example, you may have implemented EHR technology to comply with the ever-changing and demanding healthcare regulations and mandates, or to meet incentive program criteria. Perhaps you have electronic appointment setting, prescribing, patient follow-up, and historical medical information at the click of a mouse. But are you actually paperless?

Five Pain Points Which Indicate You May Not Have an Effective Document Management Strategy:

  • You have a growing backlog of scanning and indexing of incoming information
  • You are still inundated with mail, faxes, and other paper correspondence on a daily basis
  • You are lacking standardization and uniformity due to varying methods of classification from practice to practice
  • You still have costs associated with paper dependency and incoming faxes, such as toner, paper, and equipment maintenance
  • It seems impossible to train all staff members on a uniform process, which makes it difficult to quickly classify and locate important information

With 22 years in business, CTI is poised to become your document management and process optimization partner. Regardless of which technology you currently employ, CTI will take on your day-forward indexing and and document classification process, while utilizing our internal processes and quality measures to ensure that your standards are always met. Our team of experienced imaging and indexing experts have all completed the same training, which means that your documents will be consistently and uniformly indexed and classified.

Furthermore, you don’t have to worry about creating a training process for new hires that relates to scanning your incoming information. And, if an employee leaves, knowledge of your processes won’t walk out the door with them. CTI possesses the right team, with duplication of proprietary knowledge and experience, to handle your job right on a long-term basis.

The Benefits of Outsourcing to a Trusted Partner

  • Cost-savings on scanning and printing-related expenses
  • Eliminate your backlog of scanning and indexing
  • Say goodbye to process bottlenecks and allow your staff to focus on crucial (not clerical) tasks
  • Enjoy standardization and uniformity across all practices to easily locate and access the information you need
  • Improve accuracy, compliance and customer service
  • Spend more time with patients and on revenue-generating activities, such as incentive program submissions
  • Remove the pressure of having to train employees on consistent scanning practices – no more learning curve
  • Rely on an experienced partner with a proven track record to make sure the job is done right
  • Retrieve your documents in a timely manner
  • See what the paperless experience should really feel like