Attention ePASS® Users!

According to the Partners in Health Update posted January 30th in the IBX Provider News Center, changes have been made to ePASS® incentive payments as of January 1st, 2015. Due to findings which suggest that two SOAP Progress Note submissions provide 98% of relevant medical information, compensation has been increased for the second visit, and conditions have been applied.

The conditions regarding the ePASS® incentive program are as follows:

Key on U.S. dollar banknote

The initial electronic submission of a SOAP Progress Note after a 2015 face-to-face visit is worth $150

The incentive for the second submission has been increased from $75 to $125, so long as the second face-to-face visit occurs more than four months after the visit for which the first SOAP note was submitted

Submissions are limited to two per member in a calendar year

Payments will be processed within 120 days of SOAP Progress Note submissions. For a complete list of terms and conditions, please contact your participating insurance provider representative.

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