Corcentric’s latest Webinar illustrates the five important ways successful accounts payable departments maintain their best-in-class status.

Successful accounts payable departments don’t get that way by luck. They work at it by implementing and following success-oriented habits and practices. And they do it by automating their accounts payable processes. Corcentric’s latest Webinar covers each of these five habits and measures how best-in-class companies adopt them. After discussing the practices that set leading AP departments apart from those lagging behind, the Webinar illustrates what that means when it comes to the costs in dollars and time for processing invoices.

So what are these five habits that make such a difference?

  1. Put clear detailed policies in place for invoice workflow that are formalized and consistently reinforced
  2. Get senior management buy-in by creating a compelling business case
  3. Adopt system-level controls that enable the segregation of duties for each transaction
  4. Automate processes and workflow by working with the right tools
  5. Use dashboards and reporting to measure KPIs and increase productivity

Start your AP department on the road to success; download our latest Webinar, 5 Habits of Highly Successful AP Departments. Please view Rob’s Google+ page.