Need to obtain a patient consent form or a copy of a certified medical record? CTI can help! Our Request of Information (ROI) software and services enable hospitals and other requestors to expedite, track and audit the release of protected health information (PHI) while exceeding all HIPAA compliance requirements. CTI can help with digitizing requests for patient information and managing all requests for information from a centralized inbox by using workflow technology of the highest standards.

When it comes to fulfilling Release of Information (ROI) demands, speed and compliance are paramount. Most requests are time-sensitive and sometimes in the essence of delivering information fast, certain steps in compliance are omitted. On the other hand, the completion of all the proper compliance steps before critical information is released can turn into a lengthy process.

Our ROI software and services allows users to verify the requestor, track fulfillment status, and correctly invoice and deliver content through a secure web portal. This turns a typically labor-intensive and costly function into one that generates revenue and allows the release of patient health information in a timely, complete and confidential manner.