Documentation performed for this service can be conducted using paper or electronic formats which aim to capture medical information pertaining to patient’s healthcare needs. The patient’s medical record is a legal document that contains details regarding patient’s care and progress. The information captured during this time by the clinical staff including physicians and nurses include the patient’s healthcare needs, goals, diagnosis and the type of care they have received from the healthcare providers.

Point of Care scanning can help to stimulate the traditional process of scanning medical records by granting the opportunity for physicians and other hospital staff to access an electronic and more accurate patient chart within one hour of creation while the patient is receiving treatment. This process is more effective as opposed to accessing a hybrid chart of both paper and electronic information.

CTI can help streamline your Point of Care/Point of Service needs and improve turnaround times to ensure that the patients newest data is updated into the patient’s electronic chart and have that information immediately available for verification and/or updated with any missing or incorrect information.

Scanning charts at the Point of Care/Point of Service provides caregivers with the most up to date patient record. Our process allows CTI’s medical coders to update the patient’s chart in real time from any location electronically. Stop wasting time going floor to floor for chart pick up! Feel at ease knowing that you are reviewing the most accurate and current patient information. Help your facility eliminate hybrid charts and have more time to focus on the patient’s needs. Contact CTI to learn more.