Key historical medical data is entered directly into your EMR! CTI Health’s chart abstraction services allow our team of trained medical professionals to key important information from your medical charts into your EMR. This process will help achieve Meaningful Use while creating a centralized repository of critical data elements.

We will manage the process and the staff, working to populate the information you wish to have input into your EMR without disruption to your practice setting. CTI Health understands the attention to detail required when working with hospitals and healthcare facilities. We utilize a proprietary workflow tool to manage charts throughout the conversion process. This gives you constant access to the charts during processing, and allows us to manage exceptions to ensure that all information is keyed accurately and according to your desired parameters.

CTI Health works with hospitals and healthcare facilities of all sizes. If you are transitioning to an EMR system, CTI Health can advise on the best practices to help maintain patient throughput during your transition.