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Healthcare Solutions

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Scanning Solutions

Looking for a one-stop solution for your file conversion?

On-Site Scanning

CTI Health integrates on-site with your HIM department, and will scan your charts quickly, affordably, and accurately!

Off-Site Scanning

Maintain 24/7 access to records during the scanning process, and enjoy quicker turnaround time, affordability, and increased accuracy!

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Healthcare Incentives

Patient assessment forms keeping you up at night?

Struggling to keep up with deadlines and requirements for ePASS®, PQRS, PCMH, and other initiatives? Let us reduce your form completion time by 75% and earn you additional annual revenue!

Specializing in Medicare reimbursement payment programs as well as state and CMS initiatives, CTI Health’s team of medical professionals will help you meet reporting requirements for PQRS domains, successfully execute Meaningful Use attestation, complete and submit health risk assessment forms for Care360™, ePASS®, and other applications, while meeting quality care reporting criteria and capturing maximum payments to avoid penalties for years to come.

Regardless which tool or CEHRT you’re using, CTI Health can improve your process.

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CTI Health Live

CTI Health Live is a web-based application that provides all the essential tools for hospitals and physician groups to manage the handling of paper charts and documents in a digital record environment. CTI Health Live is a standards-based healthcare software solution intended to capture patient charts, loose documents and faxes into a structured patient directory where they can be indexed, identified, abstracted, and exported directly into a variety of leading EMR systems.

Hospitals and medical practices are quickly moving to electronic medical record systems but are struggling to keep pace with the steady flow of paper documents which continue to inundate the clinical environment. CTI Health Live integrates with scanning systems and acts as intelligent document management software, allowing practice managers to more effectively deal with documents in-house or utilize our off-site service bureau.

When process bottlenecks are unacceptable, let CTI Health treat your pain points.

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EMR Data Migration

When it comes to choosing an EMR provider, healthcare practices have their work cut out for them.

After all, there are a lot of important factors to consider when selecting the appropriate platform to house all of your vital operational and clinical data. With over 400 vendors to choose from, vetting the various systems can be a daunting task.

You’re looking for a long-term solution which will prove superior to the one you’ve outgrown and which can provide scalability and stability. By the time you’ve narrowed down your list, seen some demonstrations, calculated the costs, and determined the features which make the most promising match for your practice, the last thing you need is a big headache over data migration.

We Take the Pain Out of Migration: Regardless of whether your data is structured or unstructured, it’s no match for our proven process. We are experts in all facets of migration, from exception processing to the transformation of discrete data. CTI Health’s medically trained staff will consult with your HIM team to ensure that your project is completed according to your exact specifications and parameters.

Go Live in No Time: The best part is that we will facilitate your transition with the least possible interruption or inconvenience to you. When you partner with CTI Health for your migration project, you can be sure that your entire office will be migrated without completely disrupting your practice setting. From extraction to go-live, our time-tested processes ensure accuracy, interoperability, and end-user satisfaction.

Open Architecture is the Cure to Picking a Partner: And, since we’re not an EMR vendor, our expertise is broad-reaching. Being system-independent allows us to offer cost-effective solutions and the finest in interoperability, regardless which EMR you’ve chosen to implement. We can convert data and deliver it to your EMR in any format, guaranteed.

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Clinical Data Abstraction

Key historical medical data is entered directly into your EMR!

CTI Health’s chart abstraction services allow our team of trained medical professionals to key important information from your medical charts into your EMR. This process will help achieve Meaningful Use while creating a centralized repository of critical data elements.

We will manage the process and the staff, working to populate the information you wish to have input into your EMR without disruption to your practice setting.

CTI Health understands the attention to detail required when working with hospitals and healthcare facilities. We utilize a proprietary workflow tool to manage charts throughout the conversion process. This gives you constant access to the charts during processing, and allows us to manage exceptions to ensure that all information is keyed accurately and according to your desired parameters.

CTI Health works with hospitals and healthcare facilities of all sizes. If you are transitioning to an EMR system, CTI Health can advise on the best practices to help maintain patient throughput during your transition.

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Virtual Medical Assistant

Scan anything! We will organize and index it!

Some clients may wish to scan records and have them organized and indexed by a remote medical assistant. CTI Health offers VMA services specifically for clients with this requirement. A typical workflow would include the practice scanning loose files into the CTI Health VMA queue.

CTI Health’s VMA service team would then perform the detailed indexing, document identification, and data abstraction steps according to the desired specifications. These time-consuming tasks often tie up the internal practice/hospital staff, taking them away from more important matters.

With CTI Health VMA, your medical staff can focus more on the patients than the paper.

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Our Process

Helping providers turn their focus back to the patients instead of the paper.

Assessment: CTI Health will meet with your team to evaluate your unique needs and project objectives. We will design a strategy to fit the specific requirements of your facility to ensure success and satisfaction.

Conversion to digital image: If your medical charts require conversion to digital images, CTI Health will fully manage the process. Whether your team chooses our on-site or off-site scanning solutions, CTI Health will manage the entire digitization process, allowing you to focus on high-impact activities instead of tedious administrative tasks. We will prepare the documents for scanning, create high-quality digital images, and provide your team with 24/7 access to the documents throughout the process so that there is no interruption or gap in care.

Clinical data entry and Meaningful Use abstraction: CTI Health’s chart abstraction services allow our specialized team of medical professionals to key important information from your patient charts into your EMR. This process will help to achieve Meaningful Use and create a centralized repository of critical data elements.

Seamless EMR Integration: CTI Healths’s technical team will prepare all processed data for seamless integration into your EMR. We will communicate with your internal technical team and/or EMR vendor to ensure that your system is populated with all the necessary information, in line with the specified requirements.

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You’re in good hands

From primary care to cardiology, to orthopedics, you can trust that you’re in good hands.

CTI Health utilizes Control Point (chart tracking) to provide real-time information on the disposition of your records in our system.

You can always be informed as to which stage of processing your record is in, as well as what’s happened along the way. Contact us to discuss how we can assist your HIM team in bringing your office or practice up to speed.

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