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Wondering if your company leans more heavily on paper than those in other industries? Some examples of industry types with an intense influx of paper include healthcare, banking and financial services, insurance, education, government, manufacturing, legal, pharmaceutical, transportation…you get the point. Not many fields are immune to paper.

And though the digital revolution has brought about many improvements in process automation and efficiency, even some of the most contemporary and modernized companies still have universally paper-challenged departments, such as human resources, accounts payable, and accounts receivable.

Luckily, there are content management solutions designed specifically with these departments in mind. Platforms are available to HR departments of all sizes to streamline the hiring process with a flexible, responsive workflow.

Significant improvements have also been made in the areas of Accounts Payable and Receivable, through invoice virtualization and streamlined PO requisition. By implementing software solutions like some of the ones available today, companies can increase control over the entire payables process and maximize scalability and efficiency.


Enjoy increased patient-facing time and improved quality of care without having to hire additional personnel. Eliminate unnecessary costs, free up office space, simplify EMR transitions, and streamline your practice all while enjoying additional revenue year after year.

CTI’s medically trained staff will help you meet healthcare incentive program criteria and eliminate operational inefficiencies and process bottlenecks, all while providing instant access to important chart information with cloud-based workflow tools. Find out more about Healthcare here


Government regulations determine how pharmaceutical companies maintain their documents. The FDA provides regulations in regards to what documents to keep, how long to keep them, and how they can be used. Find out more about Pharmaceutical here

Financial Services

CTI can help to improve Data Security for Financial Organizations, Departments, and Representatives with the following processes:

  • Encryption
  • Information Classification
  • Tech Solutions and Training
  • Cloud Solutions
  • Workflow Management
  • Document Management

CTI has close relationships with industry leaders in financial process automation. With our cutting-edge technology and over 24 years of expertise, we are your process optimization partners. Find out more about Financial Services here


Insurance agents manage a substantial amount of paperwork daily. Claims, new applications, and documentation for insurance policies can make managing the paperwork a daily challenge. Find out more about Insurance here


Now is the time for schools to work smarter, not harder. Convert your documentation now and benefit from increased simplicity, improved access, enhanced speed and security with fewer headaches. Let CTI grade your paper! Find out more about Education here


Sick of the paper-cuts, band-aids, and dry, chapped fingers and knuckles? Sorting and sifting through files, especially when the cabinets are crammed to capacity, is often painstaking work. The amount of time it takes to file a CAD drawing and find it again daily grows exponentially whenever a new account is added or a change is made to a customer’s file, and individual documents are easily damaged.
To put it frankly, filing cabinets are fossils. Digitization is the way of the future, and any information management company that’s worth your time will become an extension of your staff and help your organization overcome its fears of going paperless. Once you see just how smoothly most information management solutions integrate with your current environment, you’ll be reaping the rewards of your increased productivity and customer satisfaction in no time! Find out more about Manufacturing here


Scanning documents for your firm shouldn’t be a chore. Let CTI help with your document scanning needs. We can digitize your files and help save your practice both time and money. Reduce storage space in your office and put a sufficient document management system in place. Find out more about Legal here

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