CTI has successfully partnered with dozens of hospitals and healthcare facilities across the region, completing over 500,000 chart abstractions and producing over 50 million images for a variety of electronic medical record and healthcare document management solutions. When your healthcare system or practice teams up with CTI, you will benefit from our 24+ years of expertise in the medical records management field. CTI will scan your charts more quickly, less expensively, and more accurately than if you were to do it yourself. Learn more about how CTI can help you with your healthcare needs.

What is Health Information Management?

Health Information Management is the practice of acquiring, analyzing and protecting digital and traditional medical information vital to providing quality patient care. Traditional medical health records were paper based and with the advent of Meaningful Use and subsequent reimbursement and fines, they are migrating to electronic. The Electronic Health Record and Electronic Medical Record systems have begun replacing paper.

With the replacement of paper records, Health Information Management professionals are challenged more than ever to make sure the HIPPA electronic medical records are protected. CTI works with Health Information Management personnel to ensure the transition is compliant and correct.


Healthcare compliance and the ability to maintain the complexity of government regulatory and enforcement initiatives is a tall task. When partnering with the right company for outsourced services, it’s critical that they stay in compliance as well. CTI is the right partner for the task. CTI follows strict healthcare compliance for all of its processes. Whether it’s abstracting sensitive patient health information from medical charts, doctor credentialing or request of information, CTI is HIPAA compliant and follows SOC certified guidelines to ensure the safety of your data. We stay compliant so you can stay compliant.

Business Efficiency

The advantages of electronic medical records are numerous. Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems have streamlined the whole process of patient care. There is less time looking for charts, reduced paperwork, no more interpreting handwritten notes and improving overall practice management to name a few. All of this leads to significant cost savings and better patient care. CTI works with all EHR and business systems to provide complete HIPAA compliant support from HIPAA digital document creation to HIPAA document destruction.

Healthcare Incentives

There are many incentives being offered for improvements to healthcare. Some are monetary in nature with financial rewards and penalties, some are just for better performance. Either way, the quality of healthcare as it applies to patients is greatly improving. CTI can help with multiple options for capitalizing on monetary rewards and even generating positive revenue. For example, let CTI show you how you can reduce your form completion time by 75% and earn you additional annual revenue! It’s that simple.