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Document Scanning

Document scanning captures and digitizes any media type and converts it into a secure file in a variety of formats online. Looking for a one-stop solution for your file conversion? Look no further. We capture and digitize any media type and convert information to various industry-standard formats to allow quick retrieval and multiple-user access to your most valuable asset – your documentation.

Day Forward Document Conversion

CTI solutions transform the day-forward process with the ability to integrate into existing imaging systems or setup new images systems. CTI offers turn-key scanning solutions both onsite and offsite, which are designed around your current office workflow for real-time processing and access to records. Regardless which system an organization may already have in place or what workflow an office uses, CTI can convert digitized files and images to a format compatible with the existing images software or migrate a new software platform. All of our services are designed to take the pain out of your process and improve workflows, without disruption to the office setting.

Back File Conversion

Backfile conversion is the act of replacing large volumes of documents with digital images. Generally backfile conversion consists of digitizing volumes of documents by using high speed scanning methods to convert these legacy documents into digital images which will be stored as document libraries. Today many agencies have millions of records stored on media such as card-stock, maps, microfiche, or microfilm, to name a few. When a particular file is needed, locating these records could take hours or days; especially if these physical documents are stored off-site in a warehouse facility. Backfile conversion provides rapid access to these legacy documents in electronic formats.

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