5 Reasons to Automate AP Processing

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5 Reasons to Automate AP Processing

It is wildly important for Accounts Payable departments to be organized and efficient, because every company needs to buy and sell in order to stay in business. Automating the AP process can improve overall speed, efficiency, control and visibility of operations. With AP automation, your company can become more strategic, by utilizing fewer resources and cutting unnecessary costs. Let’s explore the top five reasons to automate AP processing:

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Protecting Your Assets: How Information Management Impacts Your Bottom Line

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Keep Your Information on the Right Side of the Balance Sheet

Everyone’s heard the old balance sheet equation from Accounting 101, assets minus liabilities equals equity, right? Well did you know that your information, if not properly managed, can actually be a liability?

Keep reading to gain some insight into how to keep your information on the assets side of the balance sheet, and keep your customers (and your accounting department) from seeing red.
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Document Conversion for Dummies

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Document Conversion for Dummies:
The Truth Behind Document Conversion

Have you or someone you know recently begun (or begun to consider) the process of having business documents scanned? Well then, congratulations, you’ve taken the first step towards streamlining your business processes and going paperless.

You’re probably excited.  Or nervous.  Maybe even confused and a little bit terrified.  We know – change can be hard.  So relax your sweaty palms and let us be the first to pat you on the back, and we’ll address a topic that’s important to any relationship: managing expectations.  Read More

SmartCEO’s 2015 Family Business Awards Press Release Names CTI a Small Business Honoree!

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Extra, Extra, Read All About It!

Thanks to the lovely staff at SmartCEO, CTI and its CEO Yale Epstein have been named a small business honoree for the 2015 Family Business Awards! Click here to read the press release.

Attention ePASS® Users: CTI Healthcare Solutions May Be Just What the Doctor Ordered!

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Attention ePASS® Users!

According to the Partners in Health Update posted January 30th in the IBX Provider News Center, changes have been made to ePASS® incentive payments as of January 1st, 2015. Due to findings which suggest that two SOAP Progress Note submissions provide 98% of relevant medical information, compensation has been increased for the second visit, and conditions have been applied.

The conditions regarding the ePASS® incentive program are as follows:
cash key profit

The initial electronic submission of a SOAP Progress Note after a 2015 face-to-face visit is worth $150

The incentive for the second submission has been increased from $75 to $125, so long as the second face-to-face visit occurs more than four months after the visit for which the first SOAP note was submitted

Submissions are limited to two per member in a calendar year


Payments will be processed within 120 days of SOAP Progress Note submissions. For a complete list of terms and conditions, please contact your participating insurance provider representative.

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