Give Your Practice the Competitive Advantage

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Document Conversion for Hospitals and Healthcare Providers









Is Your Facility HIPAA-Compliant?

Adhering to HIPAA guidelines means much more than following best-practices protocols to ensure information security and patient privacy. Being fully HIPAA-compliant also means gaining patient trust and positively differentiating your practice from the competition, says Square 9′s Lauren Ford.

In her recent blog post for Square 9, titled “The Competitive Advantage of Compliance,” Ford explains that by implementing a document management solution, “healthcare organizations can seamlessly transform medical records into secure, electronic files to ultimately streamline the management of patient care.”

With their cutting-edge SmartSearch tool, Square 9 offers healthcare facilities the technical safeguards they need in order to simplify the handling of patient information and to “effortlessly transform them into a HIPAA compliant provider.”

See the full blog post here.

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Happy Holidays from CTI!

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Holiday Wishes












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Got Hardware?

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Scanning Hardware

So, you’re a do-it-yourself kind of company? That’s great! Did you know that CTI is a certified re-seller and authorized dealer of scanning and imaging equipment from some of the biggest names in the industry? Let us help you establish the tools and support necessary to manage an internal document scanning department. Hardware

Our expertise as one of the country’s most experienced document management consulting companies allows our professional sales executives and engineers to create the proper environment with the right equipment to ensure that your desired results are achieved in today’s competitive business environment.

CTI has converted over 2 billion images in its 21+ years in business, and we have close relationships with leading nationwide providers of scanning hardware whose products have been field tested and subjected to a rigorous production environment in our own 15,000 square foot full-service facility.

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Don’t be a Victim of Filing Cabinet Fury: Stop the Bleeding!

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If Your Filing Cabinets Could Talk, What Would They Say?

Information Security

We’re sure they’d be telling each other plenty of stories.  And if you have honest filing cabinets, then watch out! Outdated paper processes and manual information storage speaks volumes about a company’s levels of organization, consistency, information security, and efficiency.  Especially with employee turn-over and changes in processes, you can’t be sure that every file is handled the same way and contains the same key information.

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Corcentric’s Executive Guides on AP Automation

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AP Automation Executive Guides

by Corcentric

Our partners at Corcentric do an excellent job educating businesses on best practices and industry standards in the world of Accounts Payable. These Executive Guides, published by Corcentric, will help you evaluate where you stand as an AP department, whether you’re in the bottom tier or “best-in-class,” and show you how to achieve greater success. Click here to read “The 3 Essential Steps to AP Progress.”

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