Disasters Happen: Are You Protected?

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Disasters Happen: Are You Protected?

Disaster Strikes

Weather-related catastrophes.  Natural disasters. Crimes like hacking, burglary, vandalism, and arson. All of these things are unpredictable, and we hope unlikely, but the truth is, they happen.  

Even safeguards cause problems sometimes – like a sprinkler system that squelches a fire and consequently floods a building.  So how do you protect your business and your documents from disasters? How do you plan for the unexpected and unknown?
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CTI Exhibited at ARMA Annual Seminar Yesterday

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As a member of the Liberty Bell chapter of ARMA International, CTI knows the importance of supporting records managers and information governance guidelines.  With three jam-packed sessions covering topics such as Compliance, Social Media, eDiscovery, and Records Retention, professionals from various industries gathered at the beautiful ACE Conference Center in Lafayette Hill, PA to hear from respected speakers. CTI’s exhibit was conveniently located off the hallway where the educational sessions were being held, allowing us to network with the attendees and other sponsors.  We enjoyed meeting everyone and discussing business concepts.  Congratulations to the winner of our giveaway, a Kindle Fire HD, John Lutz from Arkema! Thank you to all who played a part in organizing and executing yesterday’s event.

ARMA Booth

The Many Ways Technology is Changing the Landscape of Healthcare

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From wireless devices and mobile apps to easily interacting with your doctor’s office and healthcare staff, paper might not be the largest medium for healthcare documentation for very much longer.

Daniel Kivatinos, COO of drchrono, wrote an interesting article last month called “Rise of the ‘Internet of Healthy Things,’” and we think it’s worth reading.  Click here to read the article and visit HITconsultant.net for other updates from the world of health IT.

What do you think about advances in technology and how they affect healthcare?  Let us know by taking our multiple-choice survey, and see if you qualify for a free assessment and cost analysis of your practice!

Five Pain Points Which Indicate You May Not Have an Effective Document Management Strategy

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Still Experiencing Process Bottlenecks, Even After Going “Paperless”?

We see it all the time: “Go Green!” “Go Paperless!” “Go Digital!” But when it comes to managing your paper and improving efficiency, there really isn’t a single “quick fix” or “easy button” without a continued document management strategy.
For example, you may have implemented EHR technology to comply with the ever-changing and demanding healthcare regulations and mandates, or to meet incentive program criteria. Perhaps you have electronic appointment setting, prescribing, patient follow-up, and historical medical information at the click of a mouse. But are you actually paperless?

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“Purchase to Pay” Turbocharges Accounts Payable Operations

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Physically managing accounting books is a tedious, time consuming process for any organization. Hard paper documents – like requisitions, purchase orders and vendor invoices – are highly prone to human error and create dramatically expensive transaction costs. Streamline accounting processes in your organization by leveraging the power of high speed records management and efficient data extraction through the all-in-one accounting solution, Purchase to Pay.
Purchase to Pay delivers cost-saving, end-to-end automation for Accounts Payable operations, from requisition origination through archiving. Read More