The Power of Partnerships

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The Power of Partnerships

Technology is constantly evolving within the document management industry.  To get you where you’re going, our approach is to understand your current needs and future direction.  We align those criteria with our diverse portfolio offerings to design a custom solution best suited to your organization’s needs and budget. Thinking outside the box is what we do, so we’d like to introduce some of our partners.

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Thanksgiving Holiday Hours of Operation

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Happy Thanksgiving from CTI

Happy Thanksgiving from our Family to Yours















Thanksgiving Hours of Operation

CTI will close at 3 pm on Wednesday, 11/26 and will remain closed for the holiday.  We will reopen Monday, 12/1.


Mitigate Accounting Risk with Document Management

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Things to Consider During Year-End Tax Planning

A Day in the Life of a CPA Among other things, CPAs are ambassadors of sensitive information.  Advances in technology and mobile applications have increased the need for improved security and privacy.  CPAs have enough to worry about with tax law changes, auditing standards, regulations, and compliance.  File-bound offices can turn everyday compliance and security issues into nightmares.  Well-integrated Document Management solutions are a value-add to any CPA’s practice.


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Your Top 5 Document Management Questions Answered

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We’ve all seen that never-ending corridor of filing cabinets – the place where efficiency goes to die.

We’ve all been put on hold while the person we’re talking to on the phone disappears down this corridor to retrieve a file.  What holds so many offices back from simply getting rid of all that paper? You might say “It’s just not that easy.” But the top 5 questions we get asked about document management really are that easy to answer.  Keep reading to discover the various benefits of implementing a document management solution, and let CTI rescue you from the filing cabinet corridor.


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Document Management for Government

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Embrace Efficiency

No one has more sensitive documents and security needs than government offices.

And we bet you have a lot of them.  Local governments are tasked
with meeting the demands of their constituents in spite of budget constraints.  Keep reading to see how CTI’s document management specialists can show you the cost-effective and time-saving way to cut your paper down to size.

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